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Enabling "cookies"...
Before you log in, please configure your web browser to accept cookies from (see instructions below).
Cookies are necessary for the Intranet to function properly.
The Intranet will never store any sensitive or personally identifiable data in cookies.
Once you have set your web browser to accept cookies, go to to log into the BNP Media Intranet.

Instructions for browsers supported by the BNP Media Intranet...

Internet Explorer version 6.0 - Click Tools, Internet Options..., Privacy, Sites..., type in the "Address" textbox, click Allow, OK, OK.

Mozilla Firefox version 1.0 - Click Tools, Options..., Privacy, Cookies, put a checkmark in the "Allow sites to set cookies" checkbox, click OK.

Netscape version 7.2 - Click Tools, Cookie Manager, Manage Stored Cookies, Cookie Sites, type in the textbox, click Allow, Close.